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SJC Publishers

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About us

We are an open-access publishing company based in Africa interested in Scholarly writings from Students at all levels of education and their teachers from across the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work towards having an informed society for all. We share this endeavor with students of research, Supervisors of researchers, Academic institutions,  Administrators and practitioners in healthcare, and owners of academic institutions across the world.

SJC Internship program

Much as different professions qualify from different academic institutions, the classroom setting does not offer all the skills required for students to be able to perform to the expectations of the employers or the demands of the jobs. The SJ internship program is here to equip interns with the skills they need to perform and become outstanding at their jobs.

Author Services

SJC Publishers Company knows that how you present your work can have a big impact on the impression it makes on editors, reviewers and even readers. We offer you solutions to help you improve your paper.