Author services

Give your Work Its Best Chance At Acceptance

SJC Publishers Company knows that how you present your work can have a big impact on the impression it makes on editors, reviewers and even readers. We offer you solutions to help you improve your paper. These services include;

English Language Editing

  • We offer High quality language editing to standards.
  • Editors with a research or clinical background in your subject area, who undergo substantial editorial training and are continually reviewed for quality
  • Pricing is based on wordcount and starts as low as 7.91 dollars to give your paper the best chance of being published

Scientific Editing

  • We make sure that we Examine all aspects of your scientific paper.
  • We use our experienced editors to assist in shaping the quality of your papers.
  • Our editors make the detailed assessment of your paper and gives you a report.
  • Pricing is per paper and word count. Starting at only 79.15 dollars you can ensure the very best version of your work is submitted

Academic Translation

  • SJC Publishers have experienced editors to help you translates your manuscript into English from other languages.
  •  Pricing is per paper and word count. Please contact our editors for specific assistance.

Manuscript Formatting

  • Every journal has a different Format. We can assist you to conform to a specified journal’s formatting guidelines at submission or resubmission

  • Pricing is per paper and word count. Starting at only 8.2 dollars.

Figure Formatting

  • Feel free to use figures and images to communicate your research findings.
  • Formats your figures to conform to journal guidelines or presents your data as graphical abstracts or custom illustrations.
  • Pricing is per paper and word count. Starting at only 7.2 dollars.