Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity Building at SJC Publishers Company Limited: Empowering Growth and Excellence

Welcome to the Capacity Building Department at SJC Publishers Company Limited, where we are dedicated to fostering growth, excellence, and innovation in academia. Our commitment is centered around equipping individuals and academic institutions with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of research and publication.

Our Training Focus

1. Manuscript Writing for Publication:

Discover the art and science of effective manuscript writing. Our training programs guide participants through the intricacies of crafting compelling and publishable research articles.

2. Introduction to Grants Writing Skills:

Unlock the potential for securing funding by gaining a comprehensive understanding of grants writing. Learn the essential skills and strategies to develop successful grant proposals.

3. Introduction to Research Supervision Skills:

Elevate your capabilities as a research supervisor. Our training provides insights into effective mentorship, guidance on ethical supervision practices, and strategies for fostering a collaborative research environment.

4. Research Policy Formulation for Academic Institution Research Committees:

Navigate the development of robust research policies for academic institutions. Our training sessions address key considerations in policy formulation, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices.

5. Guidance to Research Agenda Formulation:

Shape the future of academic research by mastering the art of research agenda formulation. Our training empowers participants to define and refine research priorities that align with institutional goals.

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