SJC Internship program

Much as different professions qualify from different academic institutions, the classroom setting does not offer all the skills required for students to be able to perform to the expectations of the employers or the demands of the jobs. The SJ internship program is here to equip interns with the skills they need to perform and become outstanding at their jobs.

Summary of the programs to follow during the training.

Our internship program offers a comprehensive three-month training experience delivered entirely online. Participants can expect one live session per week, supplemented by offline practice throughout the week. To facilitate a structured learning environment, there is a supervision fee of 150,000 UgX for each applicant. Successful interns will be awarded a Certificate upon completion. As an additional incentive, participants will enjoy the privilege of free publication for one project, further enhancing the value of their internship experience.

Content to be covered.

Topic: Introduction to Open-access Publication and Visibility Duration: 1 week

Topic: Introduction to Research Supervision using Soft Copy Materials Duration: 3 weeks

Topic: Introduction to Plagiarism in Research Projects Duration: 2 weeks

Topic: Introduction to Referencing in Research Projects Duration: 2 weeks

Topic: Writing Sections of the Report – Perspectives of the Publisher

Duration: 4 weeks

Expected outcomes of the training:

At the end of the internship program, interns are expected to have gained the following;
1. Have the ability to successfully supervise research projects using the latest software and technology.
2. Have the ability to guide students do more innovative projects that can be scaled up for more development.
3. Have visibility for their contributions in their field together with their academic institutions.
4. Have the ability to develop novel projects that address challenges in their field.
5. Have the ability to demonstrate their skills gained during the internship program.

Meet the Pioneer of the SJ Internship program.

OSCAR PASCAL MAHINYILA is a 23 years Dedicated and enthusiastic Medical student from the University of Dar es Salaam- Mbeya College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDSM- CHAS),Mbeya- Tanzania. Expected to graduate in 2025.

He has developed the skills that has enabled him to undertake the following research projects.

i)  Assessment of Household Dietary Diversity (HDD) among households in Njombe, Tanzania (2022)

ii) Knowledge and Practices of prevention of sexually transmitted infections among college students in Mbozi district-Mbeya, Tanzania (2023)

He has gained more research skills such as data collections, processing and analysis using software programs such as excels and STATA, and in making poster presentations.


Achievement and Application of the knowledge and skills

Following the training, he has recently managed to start a journal club (Students’ academic journal connect) at the University of Dar es Salaam- Mbeya College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDSM-MCHAS), Mbeya- Tanzania for the sole purpose of facilitating meaningful connections among aspiring medical researchers and enthusiasts so as to foster a community that explores and appreciates the vas landscape of academic journals in the medical officers. 

Contact us for details on how to apply for the internship program.