SJ Enviroment & Agriculture Africa

Welcome to the Student’s Journal of Environment and Agriculture Africa (SJ-Enviroment) home page. SJ-Enviroment is an open-access international journal that includes all subjects of interest in our Environment. It is Published by SJC Publishers Company Limited. Our interest is in concepts around the environment and Agriculture innovations aimed at protecting and preserving the environment. We ensure that all research papers that have passed the review process are made available online as soon as concerns from the review are addressed. Our publication months are January, April, July, October, and November of each year.

We accept papers in the following areas, 1) Ecology 2) Biology 3) Chemistry 4) Environmental chemistry 5) Earth sciences 6) Geography 7) Oceanography 8) Sustainability 9) Geology 10) Environmental ethics 11) Physics 12) Biodiversity 13) Conservation biology 14) Environmental education 15) Atmospheric science 16) Environmental issues 17) Environmental toxicology 18) Meteorology 19) Environmental economics 20) Soil science 21) Climatology 22) Environmental resource management 23) Microbial ecology and 24) Climate change.

Website : SJ Enviroment & Agriculture Africa