Author Referral Program

Program Overview

SJC Publishers Company is delighted to introduce our Author Referral Program, a special initiative designed to reward our esteemed authors for their role in expanding our academic community. We value the contributions of our authors and believe that their recommendations are the best testament to the quality and integrity of our journals. This program allows authors to earn rewards by referring new authors to publish with any of our journals.

Program Details

1. Eligibility

  • All current and past authors who have published at least one article with any journal under SJC Publishers Company are eligible to participate in the referral program.
  • Referred authors must be new to SJC Publishers Company and should not have any previously submitted or published works with any of our journals.

2. How It Works

  • Referral Submission: Eligible authors can refer colleagues, peers, and other researchers to publish with SJC Publishers Company. To make a referral, the referring author must complete the Referral Form available on the SJC Publishers Company website and provide the contact details of the referred author.
  • Acknowledgement: The referred author must acknowledge the referral when submitting their manuscript by mentioning the referring author’s name and email in the submission form.
  • Successful Publication: A referral is considered successful once the referred author’s manuscript has undergone peer review and is accepted for publication in any SJC Publishers Company journal.

3. Rewards

  • First Referral: For the first successful referral, the referring author will receive a $20 gift card or a discount of $20 on their next publication fee with any SJC Publishers Company journal.
  • Additional Referrals: For each additional successful referral, the referring author will receive a $25 gift card or a discount of $25 on their next publication fee with any SJC Publishers Company journal.
  • Top Referrer Award: At the end of each calendar year, the author with the most successful referrals will be awarded a special recognition certificate and a $80 cash prize or award.

4. Conditions

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals an author can make.
  • Rewards are cumulative and can be combined for larger discounts or multiple gift cards.
  • The referred author must complete the submission process and have their manuscript accepted for publication for the referral to qualify.
  • Referral rewards will be issued within 30 days of the referred author’s manuscript acceptance.

5. Program Benefits

  • For Referring Authors: Earn rewards and gain recognition for contributing to the growth of SJC Publishers Company. Enhance your professional network by bringing in new researchers.
  • For Referred Authors: Gain access to a reputable platform for publishing their research and benefit from a smooth submission process guided by the referring author’s experience.

6. How to Join

  • Visit the SJC Publishers Company website and navigate to the Author Referral Program page.
  • Fill out the Referral Form with the necessary details of the referred author.
  • Encourage the referred author to submit their manuscript and mention the referral during submission.

Contact Information

For more information about the Author Referral Program, please contact:


We look forward to your participation and thank you for your continued support in making SJC Publishers Company a leading platform for academic and research publications. This referral program is designed to motivate current authors to bring new researchers to SJC Publishers Company, thereby expanding the reach and impact of the journals.

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